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Buying on exchanges with a US bank account -- my nightmare so far

So the company I work at recently asked me to set them up as a bitcoin accepting merchant which was very easy of course. There are many easy ways to cash out the coin with sites like Paxful and LBC. Anyways, subsequently my boss asked me to get him 5-10k in BTC so he could day trade a little bit for fun. The ONLY requirement was that I purchase the BTC off an exchange at rate no higher than 5% above market rate, which is proving to be near impossible. It baffles me since I was a Circle customer with high limits before.
Here is a list of all the exchanges I've registered with and the results so far:
Kraken.com - Verified to Tier 1 to Tier 2. Tier 3 verification has been "Processing" for over a week, so I was not able to make any purchases as of yet. It looks like they use SynapsePay which will allow me to avoid any high wire transfer fees. Does anyone have experience with them?
Coinbase.com - Fully verified everything and connected accounts. I figured Coinbase shouldn't be a problem aside from lower limits in the beginning. However, it's also been a week and my buy limits are 0$ even though I'm fully verified. Support is silent. I contacted the reddit support email and still nothing after 1 week even though they said they are looking into the issue. Site just says "Your limits are 0$ please contact [email protected]"
Bitstamp: I was able to get a fully verified business account setup in just 1 day. Their support is extremely good and fast. HOWEVER, the major problem here is the 50$ wire transfer fee that our bank wants for sending to Slovenia. I don't feel comfortable sending 5k+ of company money up front, but if I were to send 500$ initially then the bank fees would be 10% which is not good.
Bitfinex: Their KYC/AML is very extensive, but at least their support is very fast just like Bitstamp. However, I also have the same problem as with Bitstamp which is the costly 50$ international wire transfer. My only option is to buy more coin to bring the purchase cost down to 5% or less.
Bitsane: I was getting desperate so I figured why not just try every exchange I can get my hands on. These guys verified me quickly and allowed me to deposit right away. However it's bank transfer only to Czech Republic which is once again a 50$ fee, and obviously I'm not sending them 5k+ up front either.
Uphold: The verification process took about 2 days. Once I was verified I initiated a 250$ debit card (2-3 bus day) and 500$ bank transfer (5 bus days). However the bank blocked the charge due to fraud concerns since the charge was from London UK. I called the bank to have the charges approved and then tried to do another charge for 250, but of course my account was now suspended. I contacted support and finally got an email saying they want some more bank statements and selfies etc. I have high hopes that they will allow me to buy soon since they have 0% bank transfer fees and only 2.75% card fees.
Celery: Signed up with them as was ID verified extremely fast. Seems like a very good exchange. However they won't let you add a bank account via micro deposits. They only allow bank login verification, and you can NOT do this with a business checking account. They have 10% ACH fees which is absurd and I have not been able to confirm the cost of wire transfer fees aside from that they charge 5%. Assuming support will help me link the bank, they might be the best option considering their bank is not in Europe/China.
CEX: Very important PSA! Right after submitting verification documents, this company tried to use my personal information to establish a line of credit! These guys are either completely compromised or they are straight up fraudsters! BEWARE!!!!!!!
So there you have it, I spent 1 whole week trying to buy 500$ off any exchange with 5% fees or less and failed. Of course you guys are going to tell me to buy off LBC or Paxful, but I am trying to do this all without leaving the office, plus I haven't found any sellers locally who will do 1000$ cash at 5%. I have not signed up on Gemini and was wondering if anyone has recommendations or experiences with other exchanges that I didn't mention.
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